Pet parents give their feedback on their living and memorial portraits from Huck & Harbor.

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Hi Rachel! I hope you had a lovely holiday with your family... human and doggie.

I wanted to share with you the reactions of my friends and family after seeing the beautiful portrait of Lily. The general idea was that it was so perfect it had to be some type of photograph. As I showed the photos of your progression as you worked, these people were in total amazement! It made me so proud to know you and have this treasure for the rest of my life. I suppose what I’m trying to do is thank you again and one more time express how much I cherish this keepsake.

I wish for you continued success and forever happiness. Please send me a text the next time you have a show in Chattanooga. I have friends who would love to meet you.

{ becky }

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Hi Rachel, Don has taken his painting everywhere to show our pet-loving friends. Last week, Maggie had her visit to the vet, and of course Don showed her the photo of Maggie. She asked me to call and give her your information, which I did! You captured our beautiful girl so well, and it is the perfect gift for Don. I look forward to working with you again!

{ peggy }


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Rachel...you have been blessed with such a GIFT!! Thank you for sharing that gift with us! Your love and understanding of the value we place on our furbabies as members of our families is such a comfort...especially during this difficult time of Titus’ passing.

Your artwork is a treasure that we will enjoy for years to come. Thank you for taking such care with our picture. You made sure to get every detail just right. We feel like we could reach out and touch him...and we LOVE that!! Thank you, again!!

{ kim }

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