Living and Memorial Pet Portraits

Whether your pet is alive or has crossed the rainbow bridge, they are a treasured and important part of your life - together we can create a piece that will bring you joy for years to come. 

Pet portraits come in multiple sizes and styles to fit your home and budget.

Mini Headshot Portrait

Mini portraits measure 6” x 8” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature ONE headshot. This size is perfect for tabletop and can be matted and framed to 9x12.

Small Portrait

Small portraits measure 9” x 12" in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to TWO pets. This size is great framed on a table top, or matted and framed to 12x16 and hung for display.

Medium Portrait

Medium portraits measure 11” x 14” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to THREE pets. Our most popular size! It can easily be framed and hung as is, or matted and framed to 16x20 and hung prominently on display.

Large Portrait

Large portraits measure 16” x 20” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to FIVE pets. Is your pooch larger than life, even though they weigh 10 pounds? The 16x20 is the grandest of the grand - frame it as is, or matte and frame it even larger to bring everyone’s attention to who really matters most!

Rescue of the month:

Grateful Doggies Transport

Every month, a rescue organization or a shelter pet will receive 10% of all sales.


How does the pet portrait process work?

Once you check out with your portrait request, I require just one simple thing:

  • A minimum of 2-3 favorite photos of your pet, the higher the resolution, the better.

You’ll email those pictures to me directly, and I’ll confirm with you that everything has been received to start the process. Don’t worry if the pictures aren’t perfect! I can create a comp for you using multiple photos to get just the look you want.

Once I have your favorite photos, we’ll connect via text or email, whichever you have designated as your preferred method of contact (your information is completely safe with me, I never sell, share, or publicize it). We’ll discuss the composition that you want, which orientation you prefer, and if you’d like a neutral or fun-colored background for your pet. I’ll complete the comp, if needed, and send it to you for approval. After you’ve approved the composition, you’ll receive progress shots of your pet to ensure that the artwork properly reflects their personality, and you’ll receive a final picture before the portrait is shipped to ensure 100% satisfaction.

How long does a custom pet portrait take?

Currently, my turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for completion and delivery.

How is my portrait delivered?

If you are local to Atlanta, GA I will deliver your portrait to you by hand, sealed and boarded to avoid damage. If you are outside of the Atlanta area, your portrait will be sealed and boarded in its own bag, and shipped vis USPS First Class (2-5 business days) in a rigid waterproof mailer. Shipping is always free!

What is the refund process?

Because I’m in constant contact with you throughout the process of your pet’s portrait, I do not offer refunds once the portrait has been started. I will offer a 100% refund up until that point.