Pastel Pet Portrait - Full Color

Pastel Pet Portrait - Full Color

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Custom Hand Drawn Pet Portraits

Whether your pet is alive or has crossed the rainbow bridge, they are a treasured and important part of your life - together we can create a piece that will bring you joy for years to come. We are not exclusive to dogs and cats - if your pet has fur, feathers, scales, or any combination thereof, we’ll draw them!

Pastel portraits come in 4 sizes, with a variety of options. More information about each size, and assistance in picking the correct size for you, can be found below.

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All of our portraits are drawn by hand by the artist, Rachel. No portion of these portraits are digital. Upon completion, you will receive the original piece of artwork, and Huck & Harbor will retain a digital copy.

Learn about how the commissioning and portrait creation process works here.

They are done using chalk pastels on the color paper of your choice.

You may choose to have it delivered matted or not matted - matting changes the frame size as outlined below.

You will need to purchase your frame separately, we do not offer framing at this time.

Pastel portraits come in four sizes with a variety of options. Please read below to decide which option is the best for you. If you’re not sure, here are a few things to help you think through it:

  • Where will your portrait go? All sizes hang nicely, but the Mini and Small portraits can sit on a bookshelf or table top as well.

  • Don’t worry about the size of your pet - We can certainly make a larger-than-life dog fit on a bookshelf, and we can make a tiny kitten larger than life!

Mini Headshot Portrait - 6” x 8”

Mini portraits measure 6” x 8” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature ONE headshot. This size is perfect for tabletop and can be matted and framed to 9x12.

Small Pet Portrait - 9” x 12”

Small portraits measure 9” x 12" in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to TWO pets. This size is great framed on a table top, or matted for a 12x16 frame to be hung on the wall.

Medium Pet Portrait - 11” x 14”

Medium portraits measure 11” x 14” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to THREE pets. Our most popular size! It can easily be framed and hung as is, or matted for a 16x20 frame and hung prominently on display.

Large Pet Portrait - 16” x 20”

Large portraits measure 16” x 20” in either portrait or landscape, and may feature up to FIVE pets. Is your pet larger than life, even though they weigh only 10 pounds? The 16x20 is the grandest of the grand - frame it as is, or mat it for an 18x24 frame to bring everyone’s attention to who really matters most!

Commissions take 6-12 weeks to produce and be delivered, but can be rushed on request.

I offer complementary delivery to the Metro Atlanta area, complementary shipping to Georgia, and just $10 shipping to the rest of the United States.

Applicable taxes are already included.