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Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

Bear has never in his life met a stranger, human or dog. The more hands that can pet him at the same time, the happier and harder that tail thumps. He takes no time to sniff-test anyone, he goes straight for the crotch-headbutt-lean and stands there awkwardly until you either walk away or give him skritches. And once you start with the skritches, you’re committed to them for, well, basically the rest of your life, or you’ll be subject to the saddest guilt trip you’ve ever had.

Adopt Don't Shop

What can you do to make a difference to a shelter pet without getting too committed? Anytime I talk to someone about the work I do with dogs, I hear over and over again “Oh I just couldn’t do it, I’d get too attached and keep it.” Two things: 1) No you won’t. 2) The alternative is death. I don’t want to be too harsh, but that’s the reality. It takes a village, and every hand is critical in every step of the process of rescuing a dog from almost certain death.