Bowtie - Neutral Diamond

Bowtie - Neutral Diamond


Matching and coordinating dog collars and accessories

The Neutral Diamond is a sure-fire effortless pattern for boys and girls alike. It gives your pup an upscale distinguished look, even if they’ve just rolled in the mud.

The Pines collection features dark blues and rich greens on neutrals that give you and your pup an air of adventure. Mix and match to your delight!

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This listing is for a Bowtie in the Neutral Diamond pattern of The Pines collection.

The bowtie is made with 100% cotton and matches your dogs gear perfectly. It features a safety pin attachment for a safe and secure fit on all of the coordinating pieces.

All pieces are handmade in house, are hand- and machine- washable, will resist dirt and repel water for the first few months of wear, and are dog-tested and approved.