Huckleberry giving Rigby sweet brother kisses.

Huckleberry giving Rigby sweet brother kisses.


I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have a dog, or wasn’t actively looking for a dog to adopt.

I tend to gravitate towards the broken ones, the lost ones, the unlovable ones… the ones I feel need someone the most. I can’t have every dog, so about 4 years ago my husband and I decided to start fostering to support my dog habit. Let’s be real, I decided- he graciously agreed to help, “as long as I didn’t keep it…”.

In June of 2016, Huckleberry became our third foster dog. He was labeled “aggressive” and was scheduled to be euthanized at a local shelter. With one precious hour to spare before that fatal decision was made, I got Huck out of danger. He growled at me the whole way home, but once he was out of his crate and knew he was safe, there was not one scrap of aggression in him - he was perfect. Shelter Shock is very real, and Huck was a prime example. 

I decided the song Wild Boy by The Weepies would be his heartsong, as the chorus says “Every ship at sea deserves a harbor, and no little tree alone can make an arbor. You’re the kind of drink that makes each lonely girl feel brave and smarter, Wild Boy.” Wild Boy quickly also became his nickname, because you don’t get a Calm Boy when you mix a Jack Russell and a Basenji!

Huck was the reason I decided to keep fostering dogs, instead of just straight up adopting them. He made me realize that it’s not my job to adopt them, but it’s my job to be a Harbor until they find their forever home. I begged and begged my husband to let me keep Huck, and he kept saying no (even on my BIRTHDAY y’all!), but after more than 13 wonderful foster dogs, I don’t regret letting him find his new home. He is so very loved, and we’ve been able to save more doggies ever since.

The name, Huck & Harbor, illuminates my studio’s mission to educate adopters, encourage fosters, and support shelters, all while celebrating the doggies who already have their forever homes.


When I’m not drawing portraits or making goodies for dog lovers…

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband Michael, our dogs Tater (Pug/Chihuahua mix) and Rigby (German Shepherd/Corgi mix), and our cat Toby. In our spare time, we foster dogs who don’t do well in a shelter environment or who are in danger of being euthanized because they are deemed “unadoptable”, or simply because the shelters are running out of space. Together as a family pack, we help foster dogs adjust to living life in a home by loving them and teaching them manners, and ensure that they are placed in the perfect forever homes. We’ve homed over 16 dogs since 2015, partnering with groups like Doggie Harmony, Pibbles & More, Shelter Dogs for Veterans, and others just like them who give dogs safe homes and a purpose in life.

We’re very blessed to be surrounded by family and dear friends in Atlanta, and spend most of our weekends and holidays in the company of the people we love the most. I enjoy baking and cooking, and have been working on perfecting macaron recipes for all occasions to share with anyone who will taste test for me. I love to create and dress up in costumes for cons and parties - the more challenging the costume, the more fun I have. Despite these pleasures, I’m actually happiest when I’m home in my studio, surrounded by more dogs than I have hands for petting, listening to video games, and making things to make you smile.

Rigby giving Mommy sweet Biggie Kisses.

Rigby giving Mommy sweet Biggie Kisses.